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Jun. 5th, 2013

Sometimes being alone is so much less lonely.

Feb. 7th, 2013

Was able to change the layout. Yay, me!

I'm getting sick. I've managed to avoid it all winter but I guess it's my time to be in misery like everyone else has. Sucks this is happening now cause I was planning on going out tonight w/ Michael to try the new beers @ Mother's and Springfield Brew Co. Oh well, might have to wait until tomorrow (or he'll just be a jerk and go without me.)

Mom's bringing us take out tonight so I dont have to cook. Sweet of her.

Melting Snow

Wish I knew how to change the LJ layout. This one is old and boring. I've also had the same icon (the cherries) since I joined, which was probably around 2003ish. 

I'm getting ready to go to the store to pick up a gift for a family Christmas we're having tomorrow. No idea what to get. It's a "white elephant" kinda thing so it's gotta be something that a man or woman would like. Probably something food or coffee related is what I'll end up buying. Also gotta bring a snack. I'm thinking pinwheels. Bummed cause Michael doesnt wanna go. Like he says, he doesnt come from a big family that did holiday events and such so my HUGE family is a little weird/uncomfortable to him. He likes them though and they like him so it's a bummer that he wont join me :(

Our New Years Eve plans got cancelled, which sucks. IDK what we're gonna end up doing now. Maybe going to our favorite pub, Skinny's. They have good people there and it's small so no big ruckus like some places downtown are gonna be. Wish we had more friends. Would kinda be better on the ol' social life, ya know?

Alright. There's my update (first one since November of 2011.) Enjoy it... lol

MS Rant...

Trying to find the right excersize routine… UGH! Even the seemingly simply
things like jumping or standing on one leg are just impossible for me b/c of my
Multiple Sclerosis. I have to tweek everything to make sure that I’m actually
able to do it. Excersize in itself is by no means easy and now adding something
as confusing and frustrating as MS just makes it worse. I feel like it’s almost
a lost cause for me to even try sometimes.


Monotonous Melancholia

Warm chocolate slides down hoarse throats and his petroleum smile shines. Wrapped up in Marvel as the daylight dims through half opened blinds. Empty boxes from shoes never worn down paths never traveled. Cloth lambs screaming as their sides are impaled by tiny teeth. Clapping hands for the gospel of Jesus by those in khaki shorts who worship the yellow sky and kiwis. The phone beeps every night as an ending and the liquid seeps every morning as a wake up: monotonous melancholia.


So yeah... I have a toothache. I want someone to punch me in the face right now. 

Sing me one last song...

It's been a minute.

I want some food and I'm tired of eating ham and cheese grilled sandwiches.

Alkaline Trio concert is tomorrow. I wanna go so bad but I'm getting discouraged. :(

I dont like Mom's new scheduale cause she gets off so early and I dont have enough time to myself.

I want a garden... with chives...

I'm sleepy.

Nova didnt come here last night. Hope she's w/ her girl and not in a ditch somewhere.

I need to diet.

Nonsense songs in 12 bars

Kraft macaroni and cheese kinda smells like dog food.

Aww, my aunt is really sweet. She just called me to chit chat. She knew it was my mom's first day back to work and thought I might be bored. Quite the opposite actually. I'm very happy to be home alone finally cause I havent been in almost a week.

I just woke up from a nap so I'm a little "groggy." It's SO fucking windy outside. I took my laptop out there earlier and was doing some writing and it was kinda bright so I put up the umbrella and the wind picked up and almost dragged the table away. Needless to say I put the umbrella down.

I met a Jew. He made fun of me for weaing a Kabbalah bracelet.... I blamed my mother.

I'm leaving...

Backstreet Boys? You're fucking singing Backstreet Boys now? -sigh-

My hair smells good although it needs cut.

Today was eh... as most are lately.

Mom starts work tomorrow. She doesnt have her bed set up so she wants to sleep in mine tonight. I told her she could just have it and I would crash on the couch. I dislike her.

LOL <--- I typed that getting ready to tell a story then realized I had to pee and now that I'm back, I dont remember what was so funny...

FUCK my wireless!

My boy's home. Makes me slightly happy <3

I'm in a better mood than I was yesterday. I was being a bit of a bitch to people cause I was completely on edge.

Pete and Ashley got married yesterday I read on ONTD..... they both could still get it though... at the same time.....

OH, I noticed today that my right boob is bigger than the left. Weird huh?

My back hurts.

The top of my thighs are currently receiving burns from my laptop cause I cant find the little pillow/desk thing.

I found a tick on Princess's head. I told her that she was lucky I found it or it woulda sucked her tiny little brain out.

I'm leaving....


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